South High Orchestra

"evolution of the mind & heart through music & art"

Chamber Orchestra (Preparatory) - H5681

The Chamber Orchestra is designed specifically for ninth graders to hone the skills needed to perform music successfully at the high school level.  Our focus will be on advancing our left hand technique, introducing a variety of bowing styles and developing a stronger understanding of key signatures, scales and basic music theory. Home practice and some written work, as well as a number of evening performances are required.

Concert Orchestra - H5683

The Concert Orchestra is our mid level ensemble and is dedicated to advancing the technical skills needed to perform music at the highest level.  We will continue to focus on left hand technique including position work, as well as honing right hand concepts of tone production and bowing technique. Home practice, some written work and several evening performances are required with optional participation in Solo Ensemble Festival. Individual study is encouraged. The music played in this group will be fun and exciting and many students will be happy to stay in this ensemble through their HS years. 

Camerata (Symphonic Strings) - H5691

Membership in the South High Camerata is by audition only and is the sequel to Concert Orchestra for those wishing to play at an optimum level. Command of relevant upper positions, left-hand technique and advanced bowing skills required. This is a high-involvement class where ensemble members should be willing to put in the time required to be the best. Home practice, written work and several evening performances are required, including major concerts and large group festivals, as well as participation in the Solo Ensemble Festival. Mentoring less experienced students in our other orchestras will be expected. Private study is strongly encouraged.